Why “Inspiration”

Last month I wrote at length bout clearing away the cobwebs in the brain caused by excessive shopping.  I needed a detox from materialism, to stop myself from spending hours glued to online shopping sites, looking for good deals on stuff I don’t need.  There’s a whole world outside my computer just waiting to be discovered, social causes that could use an extra hand.

I now spend hours in front of the keyboard struggling with words instead, but words that capture my interpretation of the world at large.  (Don’t worry, my new internship is very much in service to a good social cause)  Writing daily is a goal I’ve struggled with for years.  Ever since I was five and decided I wanted to be a writer, I’ve been a writer who dreams of writing, who jots down story ideas to herself, random half-thoughts and vivid details captured on scratch paper and eventually lost, who feels guilt over her lack of writing but does little to act on that guilt.  This is exactly what 2009 is about: taking that first step, strengthening the ties between my interests so that they coalesce into an integrated whole, pulling the little details of life into alignment with the big picture.

February, then, is about finding inspiration to dream big.  February is also about bringing snippets of inspiration into daily life.  These snippets are little reminders to stay true to the larger dream, but they are also bits of happiness woven into the daily fabric of life.  Daily inspiration, drawn from daily life.

Daily inspiration invites new ideas, creativity, and directions for growth, because it encourages us to constantly see the world and our lives in new ways.  The unexpected challenges conventional wisdom we hold about who we are and what we are capable of.

This month’s challenge of daily inspiration is about consciously seeking inspiration.  And it uses the power of habit and reinforcement to attune my eyes and heart to all sources of inspiration in the world around us, to stay open to new ideas and new ways of seeing the world.  I will write out 28 distinct inspiration-themed activities on separate slips of paper and draw one each morning.  I will post the theme of the day to this blog, and report back on progress throughout the month.  Some days won’t be easy, I know this now, but part of living an inspired life means following inspiration out of our comfort zone.  Besides, some of the best stories come from testing unchartered waters.

Day 1 challenge: Create a clear workspace.
Day 2 challenge: When strangers meet.

jar with slips of paper


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