Inspiration Challenge 3: Touch Water

Day 3 Challenge: Touch water.

If this were another season, another locale, different life circumstances, this challenge would send me into a car or train or bus in search or a large body of water.  Bare feet wading through a stream, soft waves pulsing over outstretched fingers, a really long walk on the beach and away from the crowds.  Clichés as it sounds, water soothes me by sweeping me into the arms of the natural world, where forces greater than I have been dancing for thousands of years.  It is the perfect balance to the small acts I use to temper negative emotions.

Yesterday I settled for something smaller: a trip to the stream that runs near my apartment.  I’ve been meaning to photograph its evolution through the seasons since I got here, but this was the first time I actually slowed down from life enough to do so.  While I was desperately rooting around for any creative interpretation of “touch water,” these two came along, curious why I was standing precariously at the icy edge of their water.


We all have different ways to handle stress.  Call a friend, smoke, take a walk, turn up the music.  Next time, do something different.  Pick something you like to do and do that instead.  Who knows where it will lead.


Day 4 Challenge:


So go ahead.  Collect all the compliments you’ve received through the years.  Put them in one place.  Notice any themes?  Do any surprise you?  What do they say about you?



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