On dreams and princes

During a training session at my school-related conference a couple weeks ago, Angela and I started chatting about the future during one of our breaks.  Although Angela and I run in the same general circle of Chinese-speaking first year students, we’d never really spent time together until this conference.  After listening to my jumbled thoughts which, given their current incoherent state in English, sound far more incoherent in Chinese, she switched tactics and asked about some of my craziest dreams.  You know, those deep-held dreams that make you laugh when you list them on the life goals list, the ones you think you have no shot of achieving but list anyways.

Write a book by the time I’m 30.  Film a movie.  Bicycle around the world.

Angela looked at me in surprise.  “But I’ve done a lot of those things!” she told me, explaining that one summer she’d spent the entire vacation indoors writing a novel.  The editor of her school newspaper for six years, she shares my love for words and language.  During college she also filmed several movies for her classmates.

“For the first film I was so excited that I stayed up all night working on the script.  When I brought it to my friends, they took one look at it and told me it would never work as a movie.  We reworked the script and reworked the script until I dropped all of my original ideas.  Still, I had a lot of fun filming it.  Lighting, actors, sets … it was great.

“After that I thought I would continue making films in a serious way.  I even bought an expensive recorder.  We did make some more films but I was never as crazy about it as that first time, staying up all night to work on the script.”

We paused and ate some fruit.  She said, “My friend once made a great analogy:

Going after your craziest dreams is like pursuing a crush.  If you only admire them from afar it is easy to put them up on a pedestal and create all sorts of fantasies.  But if you actually get to know them better – try things out – well, maybe you’ll discover that you don’t want to marry them after all.”

So make eye contact with that crazy dream.  Sidle up to it in a bar, make some casual conversation.  Initiate contact.  See if it’s interested in a longer-term commitment, or if it really only wants a one night stand.  Frogs and princes all look the same from a distance, so get up close and personal.  Just go for it.


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One Response to “On dreams and princes”

  1. hi send flowers Says:

    Good about you and Angela. The Idea behind both was right.

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