Inspiration Challenge 6: Create a Still Life

Little still lifes are the display of a couple items in the home environment.  They may become permanent display or change with the seasons.  Carefully grouped, they create oases of stillness in the hectic pace of life, a visual reminder to slow down and savor the moment and the small gifts each day brings.  I had to clear some space to create this one, so it is also a reminder to myself to simplify, to eliminate clutter both physical and otherwise.


I chose seemingly mundane objects with inspiring meanings.  The still life is a constant visual reminder of inspiration and dreams.  A scarf hand knit by my grandmother reminds me of the support and encouragement of family back home.  A card from the brilliant Wee Wonderfuls reminds me to celebrate and develop my quirky side, to keep creating, making, celebrating.  The potpourri, a gift from the program manager I worked with during our January conference.  It reminds me of the lessons I learned there, and ultimately why I chose this graduate program.  Finally, a gift from a friend almost 2.5 years ago reminds me of the kindness and generosity of my friends, that I must listen better, give more fully to others.

Day 7 Challenge: Attack your fears with a bogart spell.



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