March Challenge: Day 1 Eating Plan

Breakfast: tea, yogurt with lemon curd, banana, tofu and mushroom miso soup.

Lunch: leftovers (potato, kale, chicken, carrot, onion), apple, Chinese rice cracker wafer thingie, bread with cheese.  I ate this in 3 batches, the bread and cheese and rice cracker wafer thingie on the bus between campuses, half of my leftovers and the apple during lunch hour, and the other half of the leftovers around 4PM.

Post workout snack: egg and kimchee, 2 Chinese date candies.

Dinner: Rice with eggplant, scallions, ground beef, Chinese pickled vegetables.

I admit I ran into a bit of trouble during my afternoon class, where I was passing around white chocolate-covered pecans that my friend had given me.  Admittedly I’m not a huge white chocolate fan (if it had been dark chocolate I don’t think those pecans would have seen the light of day!), but as I was passing them around I was tempted to sneak one or two myself, just, you know, to be companionable in eating the sweets and all, but certainly not part of The Plan for yesterday.

Not a bad start to the month, but I’m certainly going to have to tighten things up a bit.  I can already see that I need more vegetables in my diet, and more dairy, too.


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