A Year of Games chronicles my yearlong challenge to live a more healthy, conscious life.  I define “health” in the broadest sense – not merely the absence of disease, but the ability to pursue our highest potential as individuals.  In other words, health as wellness: physical, mental, emotional well being; and as it relates to self, community, our planet.

Each month I plan to tackle a different wellness area, exploring the ways it intersects with daily life as well as the ways it interacts with other areas of wellness.  This blog chronicles my successes and failures, tips I pick up along the way, and explores the broader issues of wellness in contemporary society.  And just to spice things up, each month also incorporates a personal challenge related to the wellness topic of the month.



A former health coach, health educator, and peer counselor, Jessica has spent years encouraging others to live happier, healthier lives.  A foodie, crafter and dreamer who loves spending time outdoors and easing our burden on nature,  she hopes to bring the personal and the professional parts of her life together in this space.


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